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Lilith Land

 Lilith Land, is a speculative fiction, dual timeline story about the end of the world where only the women survive.  (It’s a novel, not an action plan).

Dr. Gretchen Hubbarton is a divorced mom of two and a waterborne disease expert. But the men in suits aren't listening when she warns them of a deadly flaw in the U.S. water treatment system. By the time they discover that a novel lab-engineered virus is spreading, Gretchen must save herself in order to save her son and daughter…without sacrificing the life of one for the other. 


The virus changes everything forever. Only the women survive. And the patriarchy is gone.

Twenty years later, Lenape leader Delia Tapper appears to have an ideal life under a newly formed matriarchy. This new female utopia is a model of tranquility until terrifying news arrives: a new-generation male is accused of sexual assault. Faced with the possibility that her co-parent’s son could be expelled from their community, Delia must help determine the fate of the next generation: Are women better off without any men?

Lilith Land
Recognition for LILITH LAND

- Sci-Fi finalist winner by the Pacific Northwest Writers Association contest, September 2021.

- Semifinalist winner in the ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition, February 2020, selected from over 1200 submissions.

- Finalist award on Coverfly, a spot on the coveted Red List, and in March 2020 was listed as #7 for Sci-fi Book/Manuscripts of the Month, and #8 for Sci-fi Book/Manuscripts of the Year.

Since those initial recognitions, Colleen has continued developing the manuscript, attending the 2022 Kauai Writers Conference and Master Class “Identifying & Overcoming Challenges in Writing Fiction” with Meg Wolitzer and Amanda Eyre Ward, and the 2023 Southampton Writers Conference and Workshop “The Novel” led by Ladee Hubbard.

Despite writing a story about the end of the world where all the men die, Colleen is happily married to her high school sweetheart.  A graduate of Boston University’s College of Communication, Colleen specialized in writing for television and film. 
Colleen is seeking literary representation and is happy to send query, synopsis and manuscript pages upon request. Friends and readers, thanks for your patience – Colleen is excited for when you can read this when it’s published!

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