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In addition to being a novelist and freelance writer, Colleen has decades of experience as a volunteer, staff member, board member, and consultant with nonprofits.  She is available to speak on a variety of topics which help individuals and organizations make thoughtful and strategic decisions to positively impact their communities. Colleen shares best practices to help convey mission and vision with board members, donors, staff, and other constituents. 

Colleen enjoys working with staff and boards to create personalized retreats and workshops, as well as facilitating groups coming together for a common cause or community issue. Colleen also relishes a challenge and the opportunity to learn something new when an organization needs research or direction in a particular area. Specific topics for clients are always tailored to address the big picture, as well as the nuances of the skills and goals an organization might need to help make the world a better place.

Colleen was recently asked to guest host a podcast series for Junior Leagues of New Jersey's Get On Board - you can listen to those episodes here.

Selected Topics
What Fat Thor
and The Avengers Teach Us About Volunteering

What Superheroes Teach Us About Teamwork and Interpersonal Connections.

Engaging Members and Volunteers: Delegating and Dedication

The Key Principles to Getting a Team to Want to Do More.

Poisonous People:
When It's Time to
Fire a Volunteer

I Bet You Know Who I'm Talking About, Too..

The Nuts and Bolts
of Managing a Committee

The Basics of Managing a Team Who Works for "Free".

Fundraising 101

Beyond Special Events: Excellent Development Plans Start with Gratitude.

Finance and
Other F Words

Choosing Language to Make Everyone on Your Team Part of Your Development Plan.

We're Not Big Enough

vs. The Hidden Advantages of Being a Small Organization  and How to Leverage Those Strengths.

Board Roles and Responsibilities

What Every Board Member Should Know Before Saying Yes.

NEW Topic
Four Tendencies
by Gretchen Rubin
How to Hack Your Brain for Productivity
Past Partners / Speaking Engagements
  • Get On Board: Leadership Development Program
    (Principal Founder)

  • United Way/ALICE Community Leadership Summit

  • The Achieve Foundation

  • Junior League of Oranges and Short Hills

  • Junior League of Morristown

  • Junior League of Summit

  • Junior Leagues of New Jersey State Council

  • Small Leagues Big Impact National Affinity Group

  • Chatham Education Foundation

  • Small Leagues Big Impact National Affinity Group 

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