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Other Writings & Articles

My early publications were most often in the genre of humor, and I was honored to be awarded the Nickie’s Prize for Humor Writing in 2020 and named the June 2021 Erma Bombeck Writers’ Workshop Humor Writer of the Month. Recently, I've been working in more fiction spaces, and many of my recent short stories are feminist-focused – I've been having a blast with some recent pieces published in literary magazines and journals. Sharing the "behind the scenes" of the writing of these stories has been fun too, so if you're interested in that, be sure to check out the newsletters on Substack, which I've linked after each story. 

Short Stories

No Parking - Active Driveway, COMING SOON! publish date TBA Soundings East, Salem State University, Spring 2024.

Carla and the Candy Conspiracy, originally published in Apricity Magazine, University of Texas Austin, Fall 2023

"Carla loved Halloween. Or wanted to anyway, now that Hal had died..." (read more of this short story - 8 minute read). 

(Behind the scenes on the craft of how I put this story together.)

Vanishing Act - originally published in Ignatian Literary Magazine, University of San Francisco, Spring 2023 

"Clarice wasn’t sure which was odder: that she was becoming invisible or that her husband hadn’t noticed..." (read more of this flash fiction - 4 minute read)

(Behind the scenes on how I almost died when one of my writing idols shared this story on her social media)


Looking for a laugh? Me too. I enjoy being a regular contributor to The Dharma Direction. If you'd like to check out my riffs on the zodiac, head over to Substack to see my regular humor column. You'll also find some other talented artists and writers doing their thing as we all look for that life flow thing. 

Creative Nonfiction

Grown and Flown, Contributing Writer

“It Seemed Impossible to Get My Son to Spend the Day With Me Until I Tried This”

Medium, Writer’s Guild

Lessons Learned from Stephen (and Tabitha) King

Medium, Writer’s Guild

You Should Do This: Am I Not Good at Receiving Writing Feedback, or Afraid of an Echo Chamber?

Medium, Writer’s Guild

My Writing Mind – Week Two

Medium, The Writing Cooperative

Inside My Writing Mind – Week One

Blogs and Articles

If you’re looking for some of my original blog work from Yes It Really Happened, you can head over there to the website and peruse by date or by category, or if you’re interested in just reading some of the “hits,” you can check those out from here.

My most viral piece was called "Jersey Kids and the Halloween Huh", this was also syndicated in some of the NJ papers online.

Also super popular was the article called "Does My Dog Need Anti-Anxiety Meds,” which was reposted by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists. 


Op-Ed and Opinion Letters to the Editor

I am Woman, Hear me Vote
The Alternative Press, Editorial

Can We Have Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries, Please?
NJ Spotlight, Editorial

#NoMore, Common Sense Gun Control
The Alternative Press, Editorial

Why Words Matter: Petition to Chatham Borough Council Calling for a Welcoming Resolution
Chatham Courier News Coverage
The Alternative Press, News Coverage

Still looking for more? Want to discuss a speaking engagement or my novel? Contact me!

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