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Lilith Land

Colleen’s latest novel, Lilith Land, is a story about a pandemic virus and the end of the world where only the women survive.  (It’s a novel, not an action plan).


The book alternates between two main protagonists in two different time periods. One storyline is set in present day, where we experience life of a divorced mom of two teens before a global pandemic Flu - and the seven days that it takes to wipe out 85% of the world’s population – including all the men.  The other storyline is set twenty years after the flu, and follows a mother in the new world, and looks at what life is like when we have only women in charge of everything – government, farming, environmental decisions and climate change – all of it. 


What can women do to fix the world when men aren’t getting in their way anymore?


Lilith Land is a 90,000-word, upmarket, speculative fiction novel.  Colleen is seeking literary representation and is happy to send query, synopsis and partial or full manuscript as requested. Friends and readers, thanks for your patience to read this when it’s published! 

Lilith Land

Lilith Land was named a Semifinalist winner by the ScreenCraft Cinematic Book Competition in February 2020, selected from over 1200 submissions.   

Lilith Land earned a Finalist award on Coverfly, a spot on the coveted Red List, and in March 2020 was listed as #7 for Sci-fi Book/Manuscripts of the Month, and #8 for Sci-fi Book/Manuscripts of the Year.

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